Puppet Pals HD Directors’ Pass

APP puppet-pals-hd-directors-pass LOGO PUPPET PALS HD DIRECTORS PASS

is the most complete puppet and storytelling app we know. This app has more than 115 characters and 90 backgrounds.

Even more exciting is that children can use your photos for backgrounds. Photos of family members, friends, pets and even toys can be easily made into puppets. Imagine how excited children will be to have their pictures in their story!




Children select characters and backgrounds, then they tap the red record button, speak to tell the story while moving the characters with their fingers. When they are done, they can save their movie to the camera roll by tapping the save button.


The app looks like a stage with curtains. The built-in characters and backgrounds look either like cartoon drawings or realistic photos. They are easy to drag to move and to make smaller or larger with two fingers.


We really like that you can take a photo, trace around the person (or pet or toy), then use it as a character in your story. We also like that you can use your own trip photos as a background in the story. Your children would love to act out their trip to the farm or to Grandma’s house!


This is an app that could be used just to create noises with characters moving around on the screen. This is okay when children are just playing and exploring, but don’t be fooled, there is much more to this app. The possibilities for storytelling and reporting are unlimited.

The child may need help typing a title for the story in order to save it.


Start out by playing together. Be silly and change your voice, make the characters larger or smaller, or tell a far-out, make-believe story. After you and your child have figured out how easily the app works, then you are ready to tell more purposeful stories.

All ages can use this app to tell a story. Choosing the “Arthropod Armada” or “Fair Weather Friends” categories listed under “more characters”, young children may tell about a time that they saw or found a bug, while older children may tell facts they have learned about insects. The characters and categories lend themselves to both imaginary stories and non-fiction reports. If there is a character or background missing, you can take a photo to make a customizable character and make the story perfect!


Here are some questions to get you thinking (depending on your child’s interest, age and language abilities):

  • What characters or people do you need in your story?
  • Where does your story take place?
  • What comes first? Then what happened? What happens in the end?
  • Can we make it a bit like _____(the book you just read)?
  • What would it be like to be in this place? (or to be this ____ (butterfly, astronaut, monster…)
  • How might (a character) feel if…?
  • What might be like this in our house? at our beach? under our tree? in your bedroom?
  • Do you think we can make our own character?
  • Shall we make up our own story?
  • Who shall we make a story for?

Remember, let your children tell their story! Listen to what they are saying. Enjoy their imaginations!


APP puppet-pals-hd-directors-pass LOGOPUPPET PALS HD DIRECTORS PASS

 $3.99    Available for iOS

APP PuppetPals HD QR


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