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APP book creator logo copyBook Creator

is the simplest, most powerful way to create digital books. It’s easy enough for preschoolers, yet can be used by older students or adults.

Children can add photos, videos or drawings to enhance their story. They may type their words and add a recording of the reading of their story. Imagine how excited children will be to publish their own book!




Children select the + to add a page, a photo, text or sound. The camera allows capturing a photo or a video. Just grab the image in the middle to move it on the page or resize the video by dragging the corner. Book Creator automatically saves so your child doesn’t need to remember that step.

Books created with Book Creator may be exported as an ebook to read using the iBooks app, as a video to post on the web or as a PDF to print or share by email, Airdrop, iCloud, DropBox, Box, or Google Drive.


The app looks simple to use. There are simple buttons and not very many choices, or so it seems. The app is well designed so that the options are concise and powerful. The books may be created in the portrait, square or landscape view. Selecting the + will allow inserting photos or videos from the camera roll or camera, drawing with a pen, typing with text, or recording audio. Audio may also be imported from iTunes.


Selecting text or an image, then selecting the info (i) allows the text or image to be customized. Other customizing includes changing the page color and adding a sound track.


The free version offers In-App purchases.

Young children may need help with typing their story.


Explore Book Creator together with your child. You may want to look through the short tutorial book to learn about the simple to use features. After learning how to use the app, then start your first book by creating a book of story ideas. Brainstorm topics, characters, settings and gather photos as story starters or story enhancers.

All ages can use this app to create a book.


Here are some questions to get you thinking (depending on your child’s interest, age and language abilities):

  • What story will you tell?
  • What characters or people do you need in your story?
  • What images do you need to create to illustrate your story?
  • Where does your story take place?
  • What comes first? Then what happened? What happens in the end?
  • How might (a character) feel if…?
  • What is something exciting that will happen in your story?
  • What can your readers learn from your book?
  • Shall we make up our own story?
  • Who shall we make a story for?

Remember, let your children tell their story! Listen to what they are saying. Enjoy learning from their knowledge of the world!


APP book creator logo copy BOOK CREATOR

$4.99  available for iPad, Android, Windows



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